Spa Services

Whether you have specific concerns or are looking to relieve stress, our facials are customized to help improve and restore circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. All of our facials are performed on an infrared amethyst crystal mat. Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out skin consultation paperwork.

TIMELESS FACIAL - After a skin analysis, you will receive a customized facial.Our facials include procedures and products to rejuvenate, hydrate, clarify, lighten and/or calm the skin along with a neck and shoulder massage.
45 min. $100

EXPRESS FACIAL - This skin refresher will have you looking and feeling great in no time.
30 min. $65

GENTLEMAN'S FACIAL - Great for razor irritated skin or just a way to relax and de-stress.
45 min. $100

BACK FACIAL - Perfect treatment for the most neglected part of our bodies.
45 min. $80

PEELS - Designed to remove dead skin cells which stimulate the production of healthy cells, allowing the skin's own clarity and firmness to resurface. Peels assist in treating acne, sun-damage and hyper-pigmentation.

Lactic -
our mildest peel which is safe for sensitive skin, including some forms of rosacea
Glycolic - performed to reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and improve other skin conditions
Salicylic - performed to help clear and prevent acne by loosening dry or thickened skin to even out texture and unclog pores
TCA - performed to deeply exfoliate severely sun damaged skin, clearing dark brown spots and fine lines
Jessners - combines resorcinol, lactic & salicylic acids for deeper penetration & greater exfoliation

30 min. $125
Add-on to any facial $25

SILK PEEL MICRODERMABRASION - Our most requested treatment; uses a crystal-free diamond-head tip to exfoliate while infusing skin-specific solutions to reduce acne, hyperpigmentation and fine lines. For best results, schedule every 2-4 weeks.
45 min. $125
Add-on to any facial $25

PHOTO REJUVENATION - One of the most advanced anti-aging and/or anti-acne treatments available. LED light therapy stimulates your body's natural processes to heal, firm and rejuvenate your skin to reduce and even reverse the appearance of aging and damaged skin.
30 min. $50
Add neck & décolleté $25
Add-on to any facial $25

ELEVATE YOUR FACIAL - Give some attention to often neglected areas by adding any of these mini-services to your facial experience.

EYE OPENER - Alleviate puffiness while toning & tightening the sensitive area around the eyes.
15 min. $25

LIP SERVICE - Exfoliate, hydrate and lightly plump the lips.
10 min. $15

NECK LIFT - Tone and tighten around the neck and jaw line.
15 min. $25
Add Decollete $25

HAND RESCUE - Exfoliate and hydrate with a salt scrub followed by a hydrating hand massage to treat dry, sun-exposed or troubled hands.
20 min. $20

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