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VIBRA SLIM LIGHT- a new, revolutionary and non-invasive way to reduce fat. Combines the RED diode and Infrared lights while incorporating the infusion of "fat releasing" frequencies. The only system offering all 3 modalities in 1 treatment.
Intro Treatment $125
One Treatment $175
FiveTreatments $800
Ten Treatments $1500

THERMOJET - Burn 1200 calories without stepping in a gym! This infrared body wrap system melts fat and cellulite giving you spectacular inch loss.

Intro Treatment $50
One Treatment $100
Four Treatments $350
Eight Treatments $600
Twelve Treatments $750
Sixteen Treatments $800
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AMETHYST BED - This infrared amethyst bed gives long lasting warmth & relaxation, restores healthy blood flow and is famous for reducing pain and inflammation. Not available on Saturdays.

30 min. $20
Five treatments $87.50
Ten treatments $150
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HIMALAYAN SALT BODY SCRUB - Enhance circulation and restore smooth looking skin with this natural exfoliant derived from Himalayan salt. Replenish vital nutrients and natural oils providing a long lasting, deep moisturizing benefit.
45 min. $125

PURIFYING MINERAL BODY WRAP - Combines pure Dead Sea mud and salts with purifying micronized seaweed for a deeply detoxifying treatment infused with the calming scent of eucalyptus.
60 min. $125

VOLCANIC MUD BODY WRAP - Volcanic mud is a unique formula designed to regenerate your skin with powerful exfoliants and essential minerals, vitamins and botanical extracts that maximize skin nourishment while giving your skin the natural moisture it needs.
60 min. $125

INVIGORATING & HEALING BODY WRAP - Combines pure Dead Sea mud, natural botanical extracts and pure camphor with an exhilarating orange blossom bouquet to energize and rejuvenate stressed bodies and minds.
60 min. $125